Youth and Amateur Travel Sports Association thrives on corporate partners that see the advantages of what we have to offer. Daily we work hard to give back to our youth and assist in providing them with much needed support and guidance. With OUR youth, it is everyone's responsibility to play a part to ensure that the experiences they have are life lessons. However as we already know, the opportunities they experience will last them for a lifetime.

Your support will go towards OUR youth and the "For The Love of The Game" grant fund. Our goal is to INSPIRE athletes and sports enthusiast alike to continue to support youth and amateur travel sports around the world. Youth Amateur Travel Sports Association stresses the importance of sports which helps EMPOWER athletes with learning teamwork and leadership skills through competition and the emphasis of exhibiting good sportsmanship.

YATSA grants are intended to enhance youth programs and increase sports development. Providing grant funding to programs or organizations elevates their quality of services, equipment, or facilities for those who otherwise may have funding challenges. Financial support of the "For The Love of The Game" grant fund will come from membership fees and corporate partners like YOU. Awarded grants can be used to obtain new equipment, refurbish playing facilities, coaching workshops/clinics, increase the program development and provide participation fees (scholarships) for underprivileged youth that would otherwise be unable to participate in area sports leagues or programs.

By partnering with YATSA you will gain access to over 1 million travel sports athletes, enthusiast and fans, providing our corporate sponsors with product placement, visibility, and brand loyalty. Help us accomplish our mission to TRANSFORM lives, communities and regions through your support today.

Contact us today to become a YATSA corporate partner. We would love have you on our TEAM.

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